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author help

helen847 started this conversation

hello are there any authors out there?  i, have mailed 2 children books to a publishing company and would like some help ..   i, have written to many publishing companies and all they want is to promot themselives.   i, need to know how to start rock bottom.   what publishing compaines who take unknow authors.  i, went on blub but i dont like the set up .   thanks v

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troy flora
That is so easy
I speak from experience
You can self publish, you can reserve the rights to go with a major company later.
why wait.

there are 2 companies that make it really easy.
I started with
but the problem with lulu is you have to log in to a account linked to your book, they have to look for your book specifically. too much work

I since choose to use they have 2 ways to do it. one through thier affiliate company for print books and they also sell with others outside of amazon. and directly through Kindle store on the amazon site. create a kindle store account and at the bottom sellers account.then you just upload it as a pdf or word document and they will sell it digitally. then just wait for money to pop into your bank account.

I had a terrible book i accidentally published in 2009, i never promoted it professionally, and this month i got a sale from it. it's just a nice surprise. but I now have a new series of fairy tale books. called 5 Fairy Tales available as eBooks on the kindle store. later i will revise them with illustrations.

i will have a cheaper version with text only, and a $1.00 more version with illustrations later. i posted the book 3 days ago and already have had one sale. not much but it starts with one. and goes from there.
I'm waiting on my editor and illustrator on vol. 1, vol 3 and vol. 4 but vol 2 is completed and available now.

I hope this helps you.

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